Quality healthcare starts with quality education. Education that anticipates, and is responsive to, the constantly evolving and shifting demands of an integrated healthcare system and the patients that we are all here to serve.

For nearly 60 years The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences, as an education partner of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, has served Ontario’s healthcare system through the development and delivery of unique full-time and continuing education programs in imaging, medical radiation sciences, laboratory sciences, and primary and critical care. We are now poised to strengthen our role as an education leader with the launch of new strategic directions that expand on our ability to deliver unique education solutions that are fundamental to health system quality, transformation and sustainability.

Our History

The Michener Institute was created with a vision for applied health sciences education that was truly unique in Canada and remains so to this day.

Our founder, Dr. Diana Michener Schatz, recognized an urgent need for specific training for a highly specialized group of healthcare professionals. She worked hard to build a community of supporters and partners, including area hospitals and the Ministry of Health. The result was the opening of the Toronto Institute of Medical Technology in 1958.

In the years that have followed, The Michener Institute, as we are now known, has educated generations of healthcare practitioners. Today, Michener is Canada’s only post-secondary institution devoted exclusively to applied health sciences education. We prepare learners so that they are equipped with the knowledge, competence, confidence and experience to provide quality care to patients, and to contribute to the future of our health system in meaningful ways.

Leadership Message

We Listened & Acted

Michener’s Board of Governors and senior leadership team recognized the need to seize the opportunity to leverage all of the value that Michener brings to the healthcare system and to take a critical look at how well we are doing to deliver on our mission and vision.

We initiated a comprehensive strategic review to help us define opportunities that build on our strengths and yet challenge us to continue our work in keeping pace with the shifting demands for applied health sciences education. Through this exercise we sought the input of our academic and clinical partners, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, our alumni, faculty and staff.

These perspectives helped us to develop a blueprint that will revolutionize the role Michener will play in today’s and tomorrow’s health system, and have directly informed our path forward with the development of four strategic directions.

Strategic Intent

Students are our most important asset

Healthcare students must be prepared to become healthcare leaders

Curriculum design must be responsive to unique learning and practice needs across the health system

Michener's students can challenge the status quo

Clinical experience must be integrated for both students and faculty

Michener instills and nurtures passion for continuous learning

Strategic Directions

Be the go-to educational experts for applied health sciences in Ontario, and beyond

As an education partner for Ontario’s healthcare system, we can and will strengthen our ability to not only respond to current and emerging educational needs of the health system, but also to apply our expertise and experience as an enabler of broader health system transformation and sustainability.

Among other strategies, this includes providing rapid response curriculum design, standardizing educational solutions across the province, and addressing immediate and emerging gaps related to practice and/or professions.

Pursue a lead role in educational design that drives research to practice

Being a leader in education isn’t just about delivering programs. It is about challenging existing models and developing new ways to educate health professionals, influencing both practice changes and the adoption of new technologies. Michener will lead new educational theory and knowledge to integrate education, applied research and clinical practice.

This includes leading new educational theory and knowledge to integrate education, applied health research, and clinical practice and harnessing the power of partnerships and strategic alliances.

Be a system leader for human resource solutions for our healthcare system

Our success is rooted in aligning our programs so that we graduate the healthcare professionals our system needs, and that our graduates and practising professionals have the latest, most relevant and contemporary practice skills.

This includes proactively identifying emerging health system trends and needs and establishing first-mover programs responsive to healthcare trends.

Michener will be a network mobilizer to support system quality and transformation

Our extensive network of partnerships has created an opportunity for us to play a unique role, bringing together technology experts and manufacturers, with clinical and academic experts to act as a hub that can enable the rapid development and application of new technologies, new practices and new models that will advance health system priorities in new and exciting ways.

Among other strategies, this includes facilitating networks to address urgent and critical system requirements, leveraging our comprehensive network of clinical, educational, and equipment manufacturing partners to maximize quality/relevance of educational experience, and broadening educational partnership opportunities to reflect the continuum of healthcare.


The strength of Michener’s brand is rooted in the history of the organization, the strong focus on health care, and abiding respect for the general quality of education provided by the institute. It is associated with a historical focus on quality and responsiveness to emerging health system needs. Unlike other educational institutions, with a broad mandate, the Michener is only associated with health care. Its reputation within the field of applied health sciences is its greatest asset.
Just as Michener was founded on the strength of collaboration and partnerships, there is no question that partnerships are a core part of our strategic renewal and our future. This means that partnerships will become an even greater part of not just what we do, but how we do it.

We will strengthen existing partnerships and identify new partner and collaboration opportunities that will help us realize our vision and mission, and help us advance our strategic directions in exciting and innovative ways.

Vision & Mission


The leader in applied health science education through excellence and innovation.


The Michener Institute is dedicated to the education of preeminent applied health science practitioners capable of providing transformational leadership, performance and evidence based best practice.

This mission will be achieved in a cost effective manner. Good stewardship of resources will be demonstrated. Resources necessary to achieve our desired results will be fully pursued.

Connect With Us

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The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences is Canada’s only post-secondary institution devoted exclusively to applied health sciences education. Michener offers full-time and continuing education in imaging, medical laboratory sciences, medical radiation sciences, primary and critical care and other specialized applied health programs. Michener is publicly funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and enriched through partnerships with universities, private sector companies and leading health organizations.

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